Meet With Academic An Coach

Meet With Academic An Coach

Hey Santa Fe Students!

With syllabi in hand, now is a great time to partner with one of Santa Fe’s academic success coaches to help you create a study plan and discuss strategies for success for the Spring 2024 semester. Did you know that you can use your syllabus ongoingly throughout the semester as a tool to be successful? Our trained peer coaches can assist you with decoding your syllabi and transforming them into roadmaps for success.

Check out the “Meet the Academic Success Coaches” page to learn more about SF’s team of success coaches  (You must be logged into Canvas to view.)  To partner with an academic success coach, please email or call 352-395-5176. 

You might also check out any of the Leaning Commons’ upcoming workshops, including this one on using your syllabus as a tool for success:  “Navigating Your Syllabus: A Student’s Guide.” Coaches meet with students in person or virtually via Zoom.  For hours of availability, click here