We’re Here to Help: Safe Santa Fe App

We’re Here to Help: Safe Santa Fe App

A Santa Fe College Police Department officer points directions to someone on Santa Fe College's Northwest Campus.

January 19, 2024 – Santa Fe College (SF) wants you to be as prepared and safe as possible whether you are on the Northwest Campus or heading to one of our centers.

We are fortunate to be one of a few Florida colleges to have a 24/7 year-round police department. The Santa Fe College Police Department (SFPD) patrol the main campus and several centers 24/7. They are committed to protecting students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Additionally, the Safe Santa Fe app is available to everyone who wants to improve their personal security. SFPD’s Sergeant Mark Barley stresses the app’s importance based on the amount of college-related information alone.

“Need to make an emergency call?” Sergeant Barley said. “There’s a giant red button in the app for that. Need RTS bus route information or weather info for our campuses?  There’s a button for that too! You can get in touch with all the SF campuses via the app as well as counseling and victim service information. If you need it at SF, the app likely has it for you.”

Regardless of the type of SF information you’re looking for, the recently-updated Safe Santa Fe app lets you:

  • Request a safety escort from the SFPD.
  • Initiate a “friend walk” that tracks your location with a designated person.
  • Register your bicycle with the SFPD.
  • Access information on other SFPD services.

Enhance your safety at Santa Fe College. Download the Safe Santa Fe app today to ensure that you’re prepared in the event of an emergency.