The SF Achieve Journey: Partnerships

The SF Achieve Journey: Partnerships

Four students study and hang out in front of the Lawrence W. Tyree Library at Santa Fe College

January 26, 2024 – A community begins with the individual. Education builds skills and values, which contribute to the community, feeding a cycle of growth and sustainability. One person can truly make a difference.

Earning a college degree is important for the student and their area’s prosperity. Having one creates more than professional opportunities. It demonstrates a commitment to contribute to the greater good as well as following through on that promise.

Santa Fe College (SF)’s mission to add value to the lives of our students and enrich our community is being accomplished via programs like SF Achieve. The program focuses on removing the barriers that prevent high school students from attending college and pursuing their dreams. SF Achieve provides students with robust mentoring and scholarship opportunities that could transform a hopeless future into a bright tomorrow.

However, it requires the collective effort of a community to support itself.

“The goals of SF Achieve are ambitious but also grounded in reality,” Quinten Eyman, Director of Recruitment and SF Achieve said. “We are working to help transform what is possible for one student at a time.  We do that by working with public schools in Alachua and Bradford County to bring the resources of the colleges to work for them. We can’t help one student at a time without our partnerships with schools, our local community organizations, governments and more.”

SF Achieve’s partnerships reach beyond local public schools. The people of Alachua and Bradford counties are critical to the program’s success. Everyone can back SF Achieve in their own way, by either spreading the word or donating.

Dreams should never be put on hold. Time moves on, leaving dreamers without the means and support to realize their futures behind. Our community cannot thrive on wishes and dashed hopes. We need to give students the tools to create a world worth living for.

“That’s what SF Achieve is about,” Eyman said, “making the future they want REAL for every single student.”

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