Spring Break 2024 Preparation for All SF Employees

Spring Break 2024 Preparation for All SF Employees

Santa Fe College's Clock Tower on the Northwest Campus.

February 27, 2024 – Santa Fe College will be predominantly closed for spring break beginning Monday, March 4. There will, however, be select student services holding hours during the break. Here are a few things to remember before turning out the lights:

  • If you are not working during the break, then you should create an automatic out-of-office email reply indicating that you will be out of the office during spring break.

  • You should also place an out-of-office voicemail message on your phone. If you need instructions for changing your voicemail, ask around your department or check out the online instructions for your phone. There is a list of phones installed on campus on the ITS website.

  • Remove any perishable items from office refrigerators and take them home with you. You may also want to consider taking any plants you keep in the office home as well.

  • Before coming to the Northwest Campus or any of the SF centers during the break, contact the SFPD on the non-emergency line at 352-395-5519. The SF Police Department is open 24/7 and will remain operational during the break.

The college will resume all standard operations Monday, March 11.