SF Teaching Zoo Welcomes Three Playful Otter Pups

SF Teaching Zoo Welcomes Three Playful Otter Pups

Two otters swim in water.

February 29, 2024 – In a heartwarming holiday surprise, the Santa Fe College (SF) Teaching Zoo welcomed three adorable baby otters into their family on Christmas morning. The zookeepers were overjoyed by the arrival of these tiny otter pups, who, several months later, have quickly become the stars of the zoo with their playful antics and adorable squeaks.

In a parallel to human parents preparing their children for summer swim lessons, the otter parents have wasted no time in introducing their pups to the water. Each otter takes turns carrying the little ones in their mouths, gently guiding them through the water and teaching them the essentials of swimming.

The zoo encourages guests to visit and observe the otter family as they continue to grow. It’s a delightful opportunity to witness the loving bond between otter parents and their playful pups.

An otter stands in water.

Who else lives at the SF Teaching Zoo?

The zoo showcases a diverse collection that contains both native and exotic species for everyone to enjoy. Visitors enjoy the Bald Eagles, White-throated capuchin monkeys, American alligators, Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo and Asian small-clawed otters to name a few. These species and many other mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians are on display in a naturally shaded landscape. The quarter-mile trail through the wooded environment is lined with mulch and is stroller and/or wheelchair accessible.

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