We’re Here to Help: The Counseling and Wellness Center

We’re Here to Help: The Counseling and Wellness Center

Caesar the Santa Fe College Mascot talks with Steve Vutsinas at the Santa Fe College Counseling Center.

March 14, 2024 – The Counseling and Wellness Center provides short-term, solution-focused counseling to SF students free of charge, as well as crisis intervention, outreach and consultation. The center is in Building R, Room 227 on Santa Fe College’s (SF) Northwest Campus.

“Our goal,” Naeema Britton, Director of Counseling and Wellness at the center, said, “is to educate on and being a conduit for overall wellness, self-compassion, and help-seeking behaviors. This is accomplished not only through offering mental health, academic, and career counseling and educational workshops, but also by being a referral source and connector to campus and outside resources that align with wellness.”

Britton wants students to know that the Counseling and Wellness Center supports all students at all stages, not just in crisis.

“We want to support them in their wellness journey whether that is supporting them through a crisis or emergency,” Britton explained, “but also to help them develop and maintain a self-care routine, become more socially involved, have accountability and structure, focus on their nutrition, or determine how to decide on plans for the future.”

Assistance is not confined to the Northwest Campus. Free mental health resources for all our students are available via the Mind Body Life initiative. Santa Fe College students also have free, 24/7 access to TimelyCare, the virtual health and well-being platform designed for college students. Services are also available at several SF centers. We’re here to help wherever you are.

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