SF Men’s Basketball Coach Chris Mowry Retiring

SF Men’s Basketball Coach Chris Mowry Retiring

Santa Fe College Saints Mens’s Basketball head coach Chris Mowry directs his team during a game.

March 21, 2024 – Long-time Santa Fe College (SF) men’s basketball coach, Chris Mowry has decided to retire, ending a historic twenty-one-year tenure. Mowry leads the way in conference wins (134), all-time wins (384) and conference titles (5) in the Saints’ record books. He was also named “Conference Coach of the Year” five times.

“It has been an honor to serve as the coach of the Saints for the past 21 years!” Mowry stated. “I appreciate the support our administration, the leadership of our athletic directors, and the friendships I have had with all the coaches over the years. I want to thank the many assistant coaches who served along with me who have played such a big role in our success. I will always cherish the opportunity I have had to develop lasting relationships with our players over the years.”

Family First

Santa Fe College Saints Men’s basketball head coach Chris Mowry watches a game while his team sits behind him.

Mowry, who came to Santa Fe College from Elon University in 2003, previously spent nine years at the University of Central Florida. While most community college coaches have shorter tenures as they climb the coaching ladder, Mowry chose a different route as he and Gail invested in raising their children in the North Central Florida area. Coaching is widely recognized as a career demanding long hours, high stress levels, and strong relational skills, often making the entire program a family affair.

“None of the success we had as a program would be possible without the love and support of my amazing wife, Gail, and our awesome children, Erin and Austin!” Mowry reflected. “I am looking forward to having much more time to spend with them during the coming years.”

A Lasting Legacy

Mowry’s ability to see the strengths of his student-athletes and guide them to success is what you won’t find in the record books but what may define his tenure the most. The graduation rate and matriculation rate of his student-athletes is admirable as over 90% of them have either graduated or transferred on to continue their education. Additionally, Mowry helped more than 110 players earn scholarships to the next level.

Coach Chris Mowry leaves a legacy of making things happen for Santa Fe College. He has fostered connections in the community that have afforded evening meals for his team, advocated for increased scholarships, and put countless hours into responding to student needs as they often are the first in their family to attend college. The investment that he has made in SF men’s basketball is evident in the success of his former players who now would call themselves his colleagues. Many of his students have earned academic honors, including academic all-conference and all-state recognition. 15 have been named NJCAA All-Academic.

Coach Mowry stands in between two Santa Fe College basketball players while holding a basketball.

“The legacy Coach leaves far exceeds the wins he has had,” SF Athletics Director Chanda Stebbins said. “I am so proud to have learned from him as a coach and to have had a chance over the past twenty plus years to have a front row seat to the difference he made. I am happy for him personally as I know the time commitment that coaching has required, but also sad to see this era end.”

Santa Fe College will begin a national search for his replacement immediately.

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