SF to UF: How Maya Frazier Seized Her Orange and Blue Destiny

SF to UF: How Maya Frazier Seized Her Orange and Blue Destiny

Maya Frazier standing next to a statue of a crocodile

March 29, 2024 – Raised in a household filled with Gator pride, Maya Frazier’s path to the University of Florida (UF) seemed inevitable, even from birth.

“My dad went to [the University of] Florida,” Maya said, “so he’s always been a big Gators fan, and he always tells a story that the first piece of clothing that I ever wore was Gators merchandise.”

Despite what seemed like a simple path, Maya’s journey to UF required a detour. 

“When I didn’t get into UF,” Maya said, “my mom sat down with me to look at the options and the classes that I would have to take and the timeline of trying to apply again.”

Maya’s father always mentioned that he attended Santa Fe College (SF) before going to the University of Florida. Perhaps SF’s High School Dual Enrollment program would be the chance Maya needed. She could work toward a high school diploma and earn tuition-free college credits at the same time. Plus, UF welcomes a higher number of students from SF than the other 27 state colleges in Florida combined.

Maya Frazier walking on a sidewalk

“It was something that I definitely jumped at the opportunity to do,” Maya said. “So, I did that my senior year and I ended up not being on [a] high school . . . campus at all. I was at Santa Fe [College] full time.”

Not only was she on her way to UF via SF but she was learning important life lessons, remembering, “No one was telling me if I had to go to class, no one was checking up on me about my homework. My teachers wouldn’t e-mail my parents, so I definitely had to take on a lot more responsibility that way. I wouldn’t say that it was overwhelming, but it . . . felt like diving into the deep end of the pool after living in the shallow end my whole life.”

However, Maya was not alone during her SF experience. She worked with SF advisors whenever she needed extra support. If her advisors couldn’t directly help, they would refer her to those who could.

Maya also discovered there was more to college life than classes. She became interested in student events happening at SF’s Northwest Campus.

“There were weekly emails about career opportunities or extracurriculars or fun events going on at SF to stay updated with,” Maya said. “So, I was always looking forward to seeing something that I could do to be involved here. I made some friends and so then I was able to have people to hang out with on campus to go eat lunch with and hang out and study, which added to feeling more comfortable around campus.”

Maya Frazier looking up to the side

Student life was a welcomed perk, but it wasn’t the only reason she attended Santa Fe College. Transferring to UF was the goal. While she intended to attend UF, a larger school compared to SF, she found herself slightly overwhelmed by the prospect. Her time at Santa Fe College proved invaluable. The personalized attention from advisors and professors not only prepared her for UF but also gave her confidence in her education.

When Maya got into UF, she entered as a junior instead of a freshman, a two-year head start. Interested in history and international relations, the aspiring law student brings to the world a deep understanding of the human condition, shaped by the support of her family and Santa Fe College.

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