SF Apprenticeships Program Graduates 30 Tradesmen

SF Apprenticeships Program Graduates 30 Tradesmen

Santa Fe College's Clock Tower on the Northwest Campus.

May 10, 2024 – On Thursday, May 9, 2024, 30 Santa Fe College students celebrated the completion of an Apprenticeship program, a four-year journey toward becoming an electrician, plumber, carpenter or HVAC tradesman.

The ceremony was held at the Jackson Sasser Fine Arts Hall.

The program requires students to attend class two nights a week while working for a partner employer for on-the-job training. The program is sponsored by the Builder’s Association of North Central Florida (BANCF).

The 2024 class was supported by 20 area employers.

During the ceremony, Santa Fe College Apprenticeship Coordinator Justin MacDougall congratulated the students for working a full-time job, attending class, and managing family responsibilities and all the other areas of their lives.

“You demonstrated extraordinary commitment,” he said, “that will serve you well now and will into the future.”

The students also heard from Don Kellogg, President, BANCF; Mike Calsam, Chair of the Apprenticeship Council; Mike McGraw, Council Member and owner of Vintage Electric; and Dr. Nathaniel Southerland, Santa Fe College Provost.

Each shared lessons about the importance of continuing to learn, finding mentors, staying grounded and maintaining the integrity and dedication required to complete the program.

Dr. Paul Broadie II, Santa Fe College President, expressed his admiration for the students’ accomplishments. “You are inspiring others,” he said.

He also challenged them to “be the best you can be. You have come this far. Keep going.” But not, he said, before they went home, looked in the mirror and gave themselves a “high five.”

“What you have accomplished, many could not.”

Several students were presented with awards for outstanding work. Brian Hull and Roque Perez-Roman earned Electrical Apprentice honors; Michal Wojciechowski earned Plumbing Apprentice honors; Raymoan Philippy and Jessie Plata were the Outstanding Apprentices in Carpentry; and Joseph Johnson was honored as the Outstanding HVAC Apprentice.

An Outstanding Instructor Award was given to Jimmy Flateau, Electrical Instructor.

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