UF/SF Partnership Programs Celebrate Milestone Achievement: 1000th Student Graduates

UF/SF Partnership Programs Celebrate Milestone Achievement: 1000th Student Graduates

Santa Fe College mascot Caesar Saint stands outside the SF @ Santa Fe office, leaning on the office's sign.

May 16, 2024 ­– This month, Santa Fe College’s UF@SF Center marked the 1000th Associate in Arts degree graduate from its University of Florida partner programs, Gator Engineering at Santa Fe and Gator Design and Construction at Santa Fe.

This milestone was reached a decade after the graduation of the first program student. Since then, an average of 100 students have graduated each year since 2014.

Significantly, for the most recent fully completed program cohorts: GE@SF has an 88% graduation rate, and GDC@SF has a 90% graduation rate. The rates include all students who entered the programs, not just those who went on to transfer to UF.

“These achievements were accomplished by the effort of our students, the collaboration of our campus partners, and with above-and-beyond engagement by our advisors and staff, who are heavily involved in student recruitment, admission, placement, enrollment, registration, retention and graduation,” said Julie Crosby, M.Ed., Manager, UF@SF Center.

Gator Engineering at Santa Fe started in Fall of 2013 with 32 students; the Fall 2023 cohort contained 228 students. Two years later in 2015, Gator Design and Construction at Santa Fe was launched with 25 students; and brought in 69 new students for Fall 2023.

The programs open the pathway for students seeking to earn engineering, construction management, sustainability, and design degrees from UF by increasing access and fostering strong student engagement during completion of critical tracking courses. Highly qualified students who apply to UF for freshman admission are invited to the programs, recruited by staff, and if they commit to the programs, benefit from personal advising and careful progress tracking and follow-up from the advisors and staff in the UF@SF Center.

Each of the 12 programs within the majors have prescribed benchmarks. When a student completes all benchmarks, they are eligible for early and guaranteed admission to UF and the ability to begin UF classes prior to completion of the A.A. degree. Though UF admission is a primary focus for these students, each one must also earn the A.A. degree, whether before or being admitted to UF.

“The graduation of the 1000th student underscores the success of the UF@SF Center in providing a transformative educational experience and preparing students for success in high-demand careers,” said Paul Broadie II, Santa Fe College President.

As the UF@SF Center commemorates this achievement, it remains dedicated to its mission of empowering students to pursue their academic and professional aspirations.