Santa Fe College’s DRC Drives Inclusivity and Accessibility

Santa Fe College’s DRC Drives Inclusivity and Accessibility

Two people sitting outside looking at the camera at Santa Fe College's Northwest Campus.

May 22, 2024 – The Disabilities Resource Center (DRC) at Santa Fe College assists students with disabilities so they can fully participate in college life. They provide support for students with various disabilities and inform students, parents, teachers and staff about their rights and available services.

Additionally, the DRC helps students develop self-advocacy skills to effectively use accommodations and services. They also research important issues in college education to support students and staff dealing with disability-related matters.

Contact the DRC when you need to:

The DRC also has an exhaustive Frequently Asked Questions webpage. Do students need to register with the DRC every semester? Do they have to disclose their disabilities to instructors? Find out the answers yourself by visiting the FAQ or email

Faculty and staff can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions webpage to better understand the processes and guidelines related to accommodating students with disabilities, ensuring they can support these students effectively in their academic endeavors.

Learn more about the Disabilities Resource Center: