Santa Fe Academy Expands Access to Sophomores and Adds College Options

Santa Fe Academy Expands Access to Sophomores and Adds College Options

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May 28, 2024 – Santa Fe College’s Academy of Science and Technology, a high school charter school based on the College’s Northwest Campus was recently approved for two significant changes that will help expand access and academic opportunities.

When the Academy was founded in Fall 2023, students had the opportunity to earn certificates and Associate degrees in a select list of STEM fields, such as biotechnology, computer information technology, and information technology security. Following approval of the Alachua County Board of Education on May 21, 2024, students will be able to pursue A.S. degrees and certificates in additional fields, while simultaneously completing their high school diploma. The additional programs are yet to be determined.

At the Academy’s first awards ceremony on May 22, Dr. Paul Broadie II, Santa Fe College President, talked to the students about the special opportunity they had to graduate from high school “with a College credential, debt free and prepared to enter the workforce or continue your education.”

In the second change approved by the school board, the school may now accept applications from 9th graders, who would enter the academy in the Fall as 10th graders. These students will be accepted for any available openings. To qualify, rising sophomores must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average, and have completed at least six high school credits, including one each in math, history, language arts/English and science.

The Academy continues to accept applications from graduating 8th graders to enter the Academy in Fall 2024 as 9th graders.

At the Award’s ceremony, Broadie thanked parents, students and the faculty for taking a chance on a new school. He also talked about students’ exemplary results in state-required exams as well as their initiative to create a student government, a yearbook and to come together as a class. 

“You have laid the foundation,” he said. “Your success will perpetuate success in all others who follow behind you.”

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