GYC Music Camp Showcase Performance Caps Four-Day Experience

GYC Music Camp Showcase Performance Caps Four-Day Experience

A group of people on a stage.

June 17, 2024 – The Gainesville Youth Chorus Music Camp finished a four-day camp last Thursday with a Showcase Performance in Santa Fe College’s Lyceum.

This is SF’s first collaboration with the Gainesville Youth Chorus. The workshop was co-led by Santa Fe Singers Co-Director Mitch Rorick, who is also GYC Co-Director, and supported generously by the Fine Arts Hall professionals.

The showcase performance consisted of a range of songs learned during the camp that week. This included two choral pieces, two drumming pieces, and two “Broadway” numbers, all performed live.

The event, exclusively promoted to GYC Campers and their families, built the campers’ confidence and gave them an opportunity to share their hard work with friends and relatives.

The GYC Directors and Leaders expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Fine Arts and Entertainment Technology Department for providing the space. They are eager to continue this type of collaboration in the future.