Gov. Crist Vetoes Transportation Bill

Gov. Crist Vetoes Transportation Bill

The transportation bill that our students worked so hard on, the one they’ve been trying to pass for years, was vetoed June 10 by Gov. Charlie Crist.

Santa Fe was planning to charge $3 per credit hour for the fee. For someone taking a full-time load (12 credits), that would have been $36 a semester. In return, SFC students would have ridden all RTS buses for free, anywhere in town — the same arrangement UF students enjoy. RTS was also going to expand existing service to the college and add routes, making it much more convenient to take the bus.

From an article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal:

“State Rep. Charles S. Chestnut IV, D-Gainesville, introduced House Bill 739, which would have increased community college student fees. That bill contained a fee of up to $6 per credit hour annually to help fund better transportation services to college students.

” ‘I am concerned that the community college transportation fee will be charged to all students instead of being charged solely to students who benefit from the fee,’ Crist said in a letter to Browning. ‘In challenging economic times, I cannot support charging students up to an additional $200 per year for services that they may or may not utilize.’ “

Feel like writing a letter? Here’s the address: Office of Governor Charlie Crist, State of Florida, PL-05 The Capitol, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Gov. Crist’s veto letter – PDF

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SFC’s document in support of the transportation bill – PDF

~submitted by Julie Garrett, Chair, Sustainable Santa Fe