Project Grad Night

Project Grad Night

From Cheryl Canova, Director of the SFC Andrews Center in Starke:

This is the third year that the Andrews Center has spear-headed Project Grad Night. This year’s event was held at a local church’s community center from 11:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. beginning Friday, May 29.

We started Project Grad Night after several students died in our area around the time of graduation. Even though some individuals still have parties, we have good participation in our event. With the support of businesses and civic groups, we provide a fun, safe environment for graduation night with games, music, plenty of food, and prizes.

Some of the games included: Fear Factor, (male and female winner received a 19″ flat screen TV); “I Scream, You Scream, I Can’t See My Ice Cream” (ice cream eating contest with each player feeding a partner, both blindfolded); Broom Game; Whistle While You Work (eating crackers attached to a plexiglass stand with cheese whiz, blindfolded, and then the first to whistle wins – it’s hard to describe – see the photo in the web gallery); basketball contests; Obstacle Course; Giant Twister; Dance Dance Revolution; Guitar Hero; Mechanical Bull; Gladiator Jousting; Texas Hold ‘Em Tournaments, and more! 

Every senior walked away with a backpack stuffed with a beach towel, picture frame, T-shirt, and oher items. Every senior gets a prize, either via participating in a game or a prize drawing at the end of the night. Gifts range from $20 gift certificates from Wal-Mart to a netbook computer and printer as the grand prize.

Gift donations and support happen due to the hard work of the Andrews Center staff. Representing Santa Fe College all night long were Judy Becker, Colleen Scott-Hall and Cheryl Canova

We look at this as a community service project, but also as a chance to reach some of the graduating seniors who haven’t decided where, or if, they will go to college. We would like to see them come to Santa Fe!

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