Decorate a Tree of Life

Decorate a Tree of Life

Each year, student organizations decorate 12 trees for the President’s Lobby. This year, the trees will be up from Nov. 16 to Dec 3. When the trees come down, they are donated to a SF Little School family who might not otherwise have a tree this season. Also this year, the need from the Little School families exceeds the 12 trees budgeted, and we hope that members of the college community will work together to meet those needs.

We invite other college departments/units to pitch in and purchase a re-useable tree and decorations (about $125 total) to brighten up the President’s Lobby this year, and a student’s home for years to come.

If your department/unit is interested in doing this, email Sue Harris know so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

~submitted by Dan Rodkin, Director, Student Life