SF President Jackson Sasser Advocates for Transportation Fee

SF President Jackson Sasser Advocates for Transportation Fee

Committees of the Florida House and Senate today endorsed a bill that would allow a student fee for use only to improve transportation that increases access to Florida’s public colleges, said Santa Fe College President Jackson Sasser, who presented on behalf of the bill in the Capitol today.

“This is a very encouraging sign that our legislators recognize the need for more educational opportunities for our citizens and the ultimate value to the prosperity of the state,” Sasser said.

Unlike Florida’s public universities, including the University of Florida, Florida’s colleges do not have authority for the fee. The House and Senate bills are identical and cap the amount of the fee, cannot be used in calculations for Bright Futures scholarships, and can be used only to increase access to transportation services to a state college.

Santa Fe’s Student Government last year unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the fee. The SF student resolution proposed to increase the frequency and times of the day of bus service on two existing routes and also add a new route to the college.

The bill was presented today to the House’s Education Policy Council by Rep. Charles Chestnut and the Senate Higher Education committee by Sen. Steve Oelrich.

Senate Bill 208

House Bill 255


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