MOD Campus Kickoff Today

MOD Campus Kickoff Today

Featuring a 1-mile campus walk-a-thon; it’s good for ya!

This year’s campus kickoff for the March of Dimes campaign features a twist: a walk-a-thon right here on campus. It’s a 1-mile route that starts at the library and ends at the Teaching Zoo, with Spirit Stations supplying water and snacks along the way. It’s meant to get your primed for the actual MOD walk-a-thon.

You need to make a $5 minimum donation to participate at Spirt Stations. If you donate $18 or more, you’ll receive a free lunch and the chance to win prizes and a March for Babies T-shirt. A prize will be given to the person who makes the largest contribution.

Same-day registration is available at the library starting point from 10:45-11 a.m.

This event is sponsored by the Career Service Council, FACC, Campus Subway and St. Leo University.

Flyer – PDF (please post to help get the word out)