Local Artists Gather for Santa Fe Bradford Fest Paint Out

Local Artists Gather for Santa Fe Bradford Fest Paint Out

With a deft touch, an artist can immortalize a moment. A dab of paint in just the right place and their canvas becomes a window. If you want to see how a painter can preserve the beauty of spring in north Florida, then the Santa Fe College Bradford Fest Paint Out needs to be on your schedule.

This intimate event brings together Santa Fe faculty and local artists for a four-day gathering, May 19 through May 22. Starting at 9 a.m., the plein air painters will spread across Hampton’s lovely lake area. Santa Fe’s Peter Carolin will be producing his trademark, large-scale oils, while local artists such as Angela Hoppe and Tim Malles will be recreating the beauty of this charming lakeside community. The artists will paint until dusk in order to capture the spectacular sunsets.

Each artist’s work will be up for sale at the Lake Hampton Bed and Breakfast, SW 71st Ave., Hampton, where a wet room will be set up in the back barn. The wet room will open at 9 a.m each day and close at 4:30 p.m. so early arrivers will have first shot at the previous evening’s canvases.

If you have not seen an artist in action, then this is a trip worth making. Watching a blank canvas come to life is special in itself, but talking to the artist as they create each piece can often create a bond to the work. Viewers are known to make offers on the piece while the canvas is still up on the easel.

The event is funded by the State of Florida Cultural Affairs Division and is sponsored by the Culture Builds Florida grant.

“The goal of the grant is to strengthen Florida culturally and economically while fostering the arts,” said Kathryn Lehman, cultural programs coordinator for Santa Fe College.

The event is free to the public.

This press release was written by David Hackett, Communication Specialist, College Relations


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