College is Now Adding Faculty and Staff Info to Blackboard Connect

College is Now Adding Faculty and Staff Info to Blackboard Connect

Santa Fe is contracting with Blackboard Connect to provide emergency notifications and mass messaging in the event of a campus emergency. This system is designed to reach students and staff by e-mail, text or voice call, depending on which method the receiver chooses.

Should there be a crisis, as determined by either the crisis management team or the police, the college plans to utilize the new Emergency Notification System (ENS)  to send out a message to all students and staff who have opted to register for the program.

Your safety and wellbeing are of utmost importance. While the college cannot make any guarantees regarding notification, the college will use its best efforts to send emergency notices to the contact numbers you provide.

Use the handy online form on eStaff to submit your information; you can update it any time.


  1. Login to your eStaff account.
  2. On the left rail, click on “My Information.”
  3. On the left rail, click on “Emergency Notification Info”(it’s directly above “Payroll Information”)
  4. Input your information. You can input up to four phone numbers. Do not use an existing campus phone number and do not insert a hyphen in your phone numbers. (Use 8709999 not 870-9999.)

This emergency information is only used to send to Blackboard Connect and does not contain your regular contact information within the HR system. You can opt out of text or email alerts if you choose.

The college will only use your information for the stated purpose of alerting you when there’s an crisis. View the college’s Privacy Policy.

Click here for more information on the college’s Emergency Notification System or ENS.

Testing of the new ENS is targeted for June 11.