Disabilities Webinar and Discussion June 8

Disabilities Webinar and Discussion June 8

Faculty, administrators, and staff are invited to join the SF Disabilities Resource Center (DRC) on June 8 for a live webinar on ADA, presented by attorney Jeanne Kincaid, a nationally-recognized expert in ADA and disability issues.

“We’re hoping to use this opportunity to collaborate on hot accommodation topics, particularly regarding alternative testing,” said Claudia Connelly, Coordinator, DRC.

The presentation, “ADA and Disability Issues: Reasonably Accommodating Everyone? The Proposed ADA Expansion and Its Impact on Disability Services Management,” starts at noon on Tuesday, June 8 in P-266. Afterward, DRC staff will facilitate a discussion about SF accommodation hot topics. Anyone wishing to send in a question or a discussion topic in advance should email Claudia.

For more information contact Claudia Connelly at 395-5765.

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