Cool Off from the Inside, Out

Cool Off from the Inside, Out

Ice Cream Social June 9 in R-01

It’s hot, seriously hot. We’re not talking soft, summer breezes; we’re living in mug-you-at-the-door, take-your-breath-away heat.

When it gets to be this time of year, Floridians know there are only two ways to deal with this weather: vacations to Maine or — ice cream.

If you are here on campus, then grab your spoon, it is time for option two. The annual Ice Cream Social is being held from 2 to 3 p.m., Wednesday, June 9 in R-01.

This frozen-manna-from-heaven event has been going on for at least 15 years. Usually more than 200 drenched and weary patrons arrive in need of the kind of heat-beating, soul-satisfying rescue that only repeated applications of ice cream can deliver.

Locally-owned Sweet Dreams (the folks with the fire truck at all the festivals), will be supplying the ice cream, as they have for the last four years. There are usually six different flavors available. (There will also be no-sugar and no-dairy options.) The toppings bar will be stocked with all the mandatory items: cookies, candies, fruit, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and more.

If you need a break from the heat, or just a break from the office, come on down. This cool bash is free and open to all faculty and staff.

For more information, please contact Kim Johnson in the President’s Office at 395-5844.