“The Past Is Now” in the Santa Fe Gallery through Nov. 4

“The Past Is Now” in the Santa Fe Gallery through Nov. 4

The Santa Fe Gallery is showing a retrospective of the work of A. David Crown, M.D. The appropriately named “The Past is Now,” includes more than 135 pieces, some dating back more than 25 years. The gallery is located on Santa Fe College’s Northwest Campus, in building M, room 147.

David Crown is in the midst of his second career and first love: art. The retired physician laid down his stethoscope in 1982 after 35 years in practice, moved to Gainesville and picked up a paintbrush. Well ­­– not just a paintbrush, he also reached for chisels, welding torches, scrapers, rockers and much more. There seems to be few forms of art that Crown has not tried.

“If I like it, I do it. If I admire something, I say ‘I can do that,’ and then try, with varying degrees of success,” says Crown with an impish smile.

His new show is focused on one art form that has fascinated him more than any other: mezzotint. This ancient type of printing was developed in the 1600s and became very popular until the early 1800s. The name comes from the Italian mezza tinta, meaning middle tone. The standout feature of mezzotint is its ability to create rich, velvety blacks. No other method can match it, says Crown.

While many artists currently work with mezzotints, Crown feels that much of the contemporary work he sees is very static; they tend to be too close to photos. He likes to add dry point to add energy and intensity to his pieces.

Crown is the director of the International Mezzotint Society, which he founded 14 years ago. For this exhibition, there will be 135 mezzotint prints. Some are color but most are black-and-white. By nature, the scale tends to be small. The largest is 9″ by 12″; the smallest is ½” by ½”.

“Big can be beautiful but small can be exquisite,” says Crown.

Also included in the show are two sculptures and one painting. While Crown enjoys working in various mediums, he often likes to work with themes, sometimes returning to them years later. One favorite is that of  “mother and child.” Crown has included the sculptures to show the evolution of that theme from one format to another.

“The Past is Now,” also includes a video of Crown made by SF Professor Wes Lindberg. In it he discusses the process of making mezzotints. The artist wanted to make the show is instructional.

“Being in an institute that is educational, I felt the show should be educational as well,” says Crown.

“I have attended Santa Fe for 15 years and it has been, and still is, a unique experience in my life. Invariably enrolled in art classes, particularly printmaking with Sue Jester and sculpture with Joanna Clark, I have also taken French III and several honors courses. While I have made contributions in many ways to the activities at Santa Fe, especially in the arts, these do not begin to compare with what I have received.”

The exhibition will be up through Nov. 4. The event is free and open to the public.

For more information, contact Gallery Director Jayné Grant at 352-395-5464 or The Santa Fe Gallery is open weekdays, noon-4 p.m.


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