Professor Naima Brown is Going to Sweden!

Professor Naima Brown is Going to Sweden!

Professor Naima Brown writes:

“I have been invited to visit Tullängsskolan, our academic partner in Örebro, Sweden. Tullängsskolan applied for and received a grant to cover the cost of transportation, accommodations, and meals for a representative from an international partner to visit their school. Because of the cultural exchanges that have been facilitated between Santa Fe College students and Tullängsskolan students using Skype, Santa Fe was selected as the international partner and I have been selected as the representative. As Tullängsskolan has partners in many other parts of the world, this is certainly a feather in our cap!

“I will be representing Santa Fe in Sweden from March 5-17. During the visit, I will be involved in evaluating the effectiveness of the cultural exchanges, discussing ways to improve the cultural exchanges, meeting the Swedish students that will be involved in the project over the next two years, participating in a week of seminars and case study projects with Technical Communication students, and shadowing faculty members at Tullängsskolan.

“While I am very excited about the professional development opportunity that is being offered to me, I must acknowledge that this would not be possible without the support of the college. Doug Diekow, the chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences made the decision about four years ago to invest funding into the headsets, microphones and webcams that were needed to make the interaction possible. Then, David Yonutas facilitated the technical set-up of the project. Since then, Michelle Jansen and the staff over in ITS have provided the expertise necessary for the smooth operation of our Skype interactions. And when our Swedish partners received grant funding to visit Santa Fe College last fall, our faculty, staff, and students did a fantastic job of welcoming them to our campus, our city, and our country. I am honored to be selected by Tullängsskolan and I am so grateful for the Santa Fe College family.”

~The photo above shows Brown, second from left, with the delegation that visited last year.

Official letter of invitation – PDF