Global Roundtable: Civility

Global Roundtable: Civility

Don’t miss the Office of Diversity’s next Global Roundtable on the topic of civility. It’s scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 17 in S-328.

Questions to be addressed:

  • What is civility? What is the personal and professional impact of incivility in politics, schools and classrooms, work, social settings, marriage, multicultural relationships, among friends, and on social networking sites?
  • Are we for or against chivalry in today’s society? 
  • Can civility or acts of kindness reduce violence and bullying?
  • Can civility improve tolerance and sincere acceptance of disparate groups?
  • Do we have a moral responsibility to revive Martin Luther King’s non-violent strategies in dealing with serious disagreements and injustices?

For more information, please contact Elizabeth O’Reggio. This event is co-sponsored by Student Life.

Please post their flyer and help them get the word out.