Study in Beijing: The Most Energetic City in the World !

Study in Beijing: The Most Energetic City in the World !

China is a country with an ancient history, a shining civilization, and attractive landscapes. China is often touted as having one of the world’s oldest surviving civilizations whose people have shared a common culture for more than 5,000 years. Philosophers, emperors, foreign conquerors, political leaders, and civil war have all left their marks on China’s colorful history, but the people’s culture has endured and remained constant.

Beijing, the capital city of China, is big in its politics, its population, its land, its projects, and its reach. From Beijing, dynasties have ruled over nations thousands of miles away in every direction. To live and study in Beijing is to understand a culture and society whose history extends back into ancient times, flourishing a millennium before Hannibal sacked Rome, Charlemagne united France, or Jesus preached to crowds in the streets of Jerusalem.

People of Beijing will tell you that the city’s true greatness still lies ahead — hope floats in this city, even higher than the much publicized smog. Only in Beijing can one ride a high-speed subway overlooking an imperial palace, party in a world-class night club housed in a 17th century traditional Chinese courtyard, or eat a gourmet dinner of Peking roasted duck fit for an emperor followed by lamb skewers grilled over an open charcoal pit on the sidewalk. Beijing is a city where history meets modernity. Students and travelers lucky enough to make the journey to Beijing will experience another milestone in a civilization’s great history.

Whether you come to the city for the ancient or the modern, the language or the culture, the frenzied activity or the quiet peace, you will find Beijing will surprise and impress you. Be prepared for an unpredictable and enlightening study abroad adventure!

Santa Fe College provides a chance for students to have this lifetime experience in the world’s largest continent that you will never forget. Interested students should contact one of the following: Professor Hardee, Robin (, Professor Clark, (, or International Education Interim Coordinator Allison Nyamuame, (  

Written by Jay Gho

International Education

Santa Fe College