Experience World History and Picturesque Sights in Berlin, Germany !

Experience World History and Picturesque Sights in Berlin, Germany !

The city, of course, is about much more than its 20th century history, and modern Berlin is undoubtedly one of the most progressive, exciting cities in the world-perfect for students to make the most of their time abroad.

Germany is a historical yet modern country, split into sharply defined regions. Each region maintains its unique character with its own dialect, traditional dress and foods. Germany’s many modern cities derive from a time when the country consisted of countless small states. North Germany has the charming old seafaring ports, east is the beautiful cultural centers and south is the alluring Black Forest and those energetic Bavarian beer halls. Along the Rhine and Moselle Rivers are beautiful castles and steep, terraced vineyards. From Frankfurt to Bremen runs a trail of villages that helped inspire the Grimm Brother’s fairy tales.

Due to its international reputation, Berlin attracts students from all around the world. As a result, students will find themselves immersed in the new global culture that is so talked about these days. Being a world city just as much as it is a German one, Berlin’s international flair is sure to enrich the life of anyone who visits or lives there.

There is more to the Berlin experience than the city itself, and students will find many other gorgeous places in Brandenburg, the federal state nearby Berlin. Varied landscapes under blue skies, large lake and river territories and various sports and recreation offers make a visit in Brandenburg worthwhile. The Baltic Sea and cities like Hamburg, Dresden, or Leipzig can be easily reached from Berlin or can be stopped at when traveling to or from Berlin-they are well worth a visit, too.

And that, really, is the nature of Berlin. It is a city whose past is present yet never overbearing, whose present is as exciting as any in the world, and whose future grows brighter with every passing year. Visiting or studying there will reward you in ways you never could have dreamed. Plus, experience traditional hearty dishes, such as a plate full of sausages and dumplings. Beer is the national beverage and is a cultural phenomenon that must be sufficiently explored. Both the beer and wine are outstanding and rather cheap. Each region and brewery produces beer with a distinctive taste and body. Enjoy!

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                                                                         Written by Jay Gho

                                                                         International Education

                                                                         Santa Fe College