Reroofing and Renewal at the Northwest Campus

Reroofing and Renewal at the Northwest Campus

As many students have noticed, the sights and sounds of construction seem to be everywhere at Santa Fe’s Northwest campus. The green screenings are making people curious, and Dave Kanzler of Facilities Planning has the answers.

Kanzler is the Project Manager on a number of the developing plans you will find on campus.

“The screening around A and D buildings is due to a reroofing project that at the earliest will be completed May 2011,” he says.

Wooden tunnels over walkways will protect students from any debirs that might fall during the project.

 The central utility plant in Building D is also getting a new water-to-water heat pump, which will convert waste energy to heating hot water, helping the College reduce its carbon footprint, conserve energy, and save money. Being environmentally friendly is something Kanzler strives for at Santa Fe.

“I’m definitely an advocate of green (energy),” Kanzler says. “That probably stems from my grandparents’ frugality in the spirit of the Great Depression. I’ve always been passionate about conservation.”

Plenty of work is being done on the Gym as well, including the installation of an air handler on the second floor.

“It’s as big as my office,” Kanzler says.

This project will increase energy efficiency on campus and improve comfort levels in the Gym.

In addition, Kanzler is managing three “store-front” replacement projects that will furnish the Gym, N, and V Buildings with nice, new entry doors. A minor project of roof drain repairs is also in production on Buildings F, G, K, R, and W.

Kanzler’s favorite project is at the Charles R. Perry Construction Institute where he is helping the facility finish its LEED certification, which contributes to his love of conservation. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The goal is to reach a Silver LEED certification, which will recognize the Institute as having excellent energy efficiency. Things such as better and more efficient lighting and heating systems will help achieve that goal.

“It’s based on a point system, and we’re completing the documentation on about four or five points. I want to say that we will maybe reach that goal by the end of the year,” he says.

Though Kanzler has only been working at Santa Fe for sixmonths, he’s “catching on quick,” and his conservation efforts didn’t begin here. In 1991 Kanzler received his B.S. degree at the University of Florida’s School of Building Construction and he’s worked in construction ever since. Prior to working at Santa Fe, he was an Owner’s Representative for Alachua County Facilities Management for six years.

“When I worked for the county, I worked for energy conservation too. I hope my work will show that little things can make a big impact at Santa Fe,” he says.

Kanzler’s interests outside of work include Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Club Racing, and restoring and driving cars such as Austin Healey Sprites and MGBs. He drives to work every day in a British Racing Green 1974 MGB.

~ This press relase was written by College Relations Intern Jennifer McKeown