Celebrate the Full Moon at its Largest March 19!

Celebrate the Full Moon at its Largest March 19!

The Kika Silva Pla Planetarium and the Natural Sciences Astronomy department at Santa Fe College proudly present their 3rd annual lunar festival, “Perigean Moon,” from 3 to 10 p.m. Saturday, March 19. All activities during the event (except for the planetarium shows) are free.

This year, the moon will be full and at its closest approach to Earth; making the full moon appear the largest it has been in over a decade.

“The last time the full moon was closer than this was in March 1993, and the full moon won’t be this close again until November 2016,” said Planetarium Coordinator James Albury.

The following fun activities are planned:

  • Lunar arts and crafts for kids
  • What’s Your “Moon Sign”? activity
  • See (and touch) the Campo de Cielo meteorite
  • Lots of free Astro-goodies
  • Exciting guest speakers: “The Moon’s Violent Birth,” 4 p.m.; “Celebration of the Apollo Program,” 6 p.m.; “The Secret of the Perigean Moon” – during the 7 p.m. “Eclipse” planetarium show
  • Free telescope viewings of the Moon, courtesy of the Alachua Astronomy Club
  • Exciting planetarium shows including “SpacePark 360” at 3 p.m.; “Legends of the Zodiac: EQUINOX” at 5 p.m.; “Eclipse: The story of our nearest neighbor in space” at 7 p.m.; and Music 360: “Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon” at 9 p.m.

In addition, every 15 minutes during the celebration, guests will be eligible for free door prizes, including complimentary tickets to planetarium shows.

“Every year we like to put together a collaborative event with the planetarium and the Alachua Astronomy Club to bring the wonders of astronomy to our community, and what better way to celebrate than with something everyone is familiar with, our nearest celestial neighbor, the Moon,” said Professor Sally Hoffman, organizer and founder of the college’s annual lunar celebrations.

All activities are held in the planetarium, the lobby of Building X, and in the courtyard between the two (in back of the Police Department at the Northwest campus, 3000 NW 83rd St., Gainesville, 32606). All activities during this event (except for the planetarium shows) are free.

Planetarium shows will be at the regular admission of $5 for adults and $4 for children (between the ages of 4-12) and seniors (60+). Children ages 3 and younger are free, and anyone with a valid Santa Fe College ID also receives free admission. Admission for the 9 p.m. Music 360 “Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon” show is $10 for everyone regardless of age or affiliation.

For additional information, contact Planetarium Coordinator James Albury at 352-395-5381 ( or email Professor Sally Hoffman at or visit the Kika Silva Pla Planetarium website.