Student Life’s Advisor of the Year: Professor Vilma Fuentes

Student Life’s Advisor of the Year: Professor Vilma Fuentes

Santa Fe’s 60+ student organization advisors come from the ranks of faculty, career service employees, and administrators. They wear a number of hats depending on the needs of their organization, and will serve as a personal counselor, trouble-shooter, accountant, chaperone, cheerleader, mediator, and coach… often within one week, and usually outside of regular working hours! They are united by their passion for helping students succeed in their co-curricular endeavors, and their work is appreciated universally by organization members.

Each year, the Center for Student Leadership & Activities selects one advisor whose contributions and dedication set them apart from the rest, and this year’s recipient is simply the latest in a series of outstanding advisors.

As described by her students, Dr. Vilma Fuentes, who advises Global Society, is:

  • One of the best advisors I have ever had. She always goes above and beyond what is necessary for our club. She does her job perfectly and administratively and tends to the needs of the students perfectly!
  • She allows for students to lead and make decisions and gives all the resources of good guidance and advice available. She teaches and sacrifices her own family life to make our organization family even better.
  • She has helped me inside and out of the club. She has been an amazing force of good for me. She has taught me more than most of my classes combined. She is a role model and wonderful friend.
  • She is more than a club advisor and she is always there when we need to talk about anything. She tries her hardest to relate to our problems and anxieties and always gives valuable advice whenever I have a problem.
  • Vilma takes the role of advisor above and beyond the required duties. She really makes our team feel like a family and we love her for it.

Congratulations, Dr. Fuentes!