Dance Concert Showcases Student Choreography Talent at SF

Dance Concert Showcases Student Choreography Talent at SF

“Room to Dance” in the Fine Arts Hall June 3 and 4

Dance Theatre of Santa Fe presents “Room to Dance,” the annual student-choreographed dance concert at Santa Fe College. The event will be held in the new Fine Arts Hall on Santa Fe’s Northwest Campus at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, June 3 and 4 and runs about one hour with no intermission.

The show is a compilation of seven dances produced by student choreographers, and performed by 20 dancers. Each piece has its own unique voice and story. The choreographic works in the concert include contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz and more.

“The concert showcases diversity in music, dancing and costuming, allowing student choreographers to stay true to their own likes and dislikes,” said Rodney Brown, assistant professor and artistic director of dance at Santa Fe. “The audience will get a glimpse into the students’ personalities through their dance composition.”

Cidney Smith, a first year dance major, choreographed and is dancing in a solo piece called “Alone” set to Katy Perry’s “Extraterrestrial.” According to Smith, her dance is a blend of edgy ballet, modern and hip-hop.

“I chose the song ‘Extraterrestrial’ because it’s a favorite of a friend I really care about,” Smith said. “And, I chose to do a solo dance as a dedication to my dad, who has always been incredibly supportive of me.”

Dedicated solos seem to be a theme at this yaear’s concert. Ashleigh Adamec, a second-year dance major, choreographed and is the solo dancer in a piece dedicated to her mother who passed away in December 2010.

“This is the piece that I danced at my mom’s ‘celebration of life’ after she passed,” said Adamec. “It’s called ‘I Will Forever Love You’ and is set to ‘Every Time We Say Goodbye’ by Ray Charles and Betty Carter. It’s an expression of my love and emotion for my mom.”

Adamec’s composition is a mixture of ballet and modern dance, creating a contemporary feel.

Alexandria Davis, a first-year dance major, choreographed a piece called “Move (With an Attitude)” that is intended to pull the audience away from the heavy meaning that many of the other dances have. She coined the term “jazz-hop” for her unique blend of street jazz and hip-hop.

“The fast pace and fun music let the audience focus on the movement, and just enjoy the choreography without having to think about it too much,” explained Davis.

“I would love for people to come out and see the talent Santa Fe Dance students have to offer,” Davis added. “We’re a reflection of the outstanding teaching and training in the Santa Fe dance program. This really is a tribute to our instructors and the dance program at Santa Fe.”

Smith expressed excitement that this will be the first year the event will be performed in the new Fine Arts Hall, on “the big stage.”

“Room to Dance is a yearly tradition at Santa Fee, and now that we have this amazing venue, I’m sure it will attract a larger audience that just couldn’t be accommodated in the old auditorium,” Smith said.

Admission to “Room to Dance” is free for SF students, faculty and staff. General admission tickets are $15 for orchestra seating or $12 for balcony seating. Tickets for seniors, children 12 and under, and UF students with valid ID are $9. Tickets can be purchased at the Santa Fe Box Office, 352-395-4133.

For more information, contact Rodney Brown at 352-395-5674.

~ This press release was written by Communication Specialist Amanda Hernandez, College Relations