Teaching Zoo Offers a Community Celebration for World Oceans Day, June 4-5

Teaching Zoo Offers a Community Celebration for World Oceans Day, June 4-5

In honor of World Oceans Day (observed June 8), Santa Fe College’s Teaching Zoo is hosting a celebration for the entire family, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, June 4-5. There will be activities for both children and adults, including craft making and fun, informative sessions about the oceans and Florida-specific animals such as the manatee. Learn about sustainable seafood and ways we can protect and preserve the world’s oceans. This year’s theme is based on the Dr. Seuss book, “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.” Look for colorful illustrations from the book in and around the zoo.  

Attendees will be among the first to behold the new and uplifting trail system that both beautifies and revives the navigation of the zoo.

“People who have visited the zoo in the past will definitely want to come by again because it looks completely different and amazing,” says Tarah Jacobs, conservation education specialist and ocean lover.

World Oceans Day is a time to find love and respect again for our oceans and to try not to forget about it in our daily lives.

“People tend to forget how the health of the oceans affects all of us. It’s a huge resource for food, recreation, and many livelihoods are dependent on it,” says Jacobs.

Jacobs explained how climate change is warming the world’s oceans, expanding the water molecules and making our most beautiful and precious reefs, like the Great Barrier Reef near Australia, vulnerable to bleaching. When reefs slowly die off, many fish and ocean species die as well, or wander off and become invasive species. The increasingly warmer temperatures of our oceans are also beginning to melt away arctic glaciers, which can dramatically increase ocean levels worldwide and potentially alter ocean currents.

Combined with beach pollution and over fishing, our oceans are facing a great deal of challenges. That’s why on World Oceans Day, not only should we celebrate, but become more aware of our impact worldwide and individually.

The most important thing one person can do to help? Don’t litter! When people are enjoying themselves at the beach, they should pick up trash seen laying around.

“Just remember — everything you throw down your drains and everything you spray your plants with will make it to the ocean, no matter where you live. But especially in Florida,” says Jacobs.

Zoo admission is $5 for adults and $4 for children and seniors, and free for children under 3. Admission for Santa Fe College students and staff, with ID, is also free.

~ This press release was written by College Relations Intern Jennifer McKeown