Library Research Award Winners Announced

Library Research Award Winners Announced

A message from Librarian Diana Matthews:

Congratulations to the winners of the first annual Library Research Award!

Therese Markowitz (right) and Kaitlyn Wright (left) were the first- and second-place winners of the first annual Library Research Award. Co-sponsored by the Lawrence W. Tyree Library and the Research in Undergraduate Education (RUE) Workgroup, this award recognizes outstanding research and information literacy skills by Santa Fe College students.

Therese won $125 for her essay “Why the Effects of Pesticides on Bees is Important,” written for Rhonda Morris’s ENC2305 class. Kaitlyn won $75 for her second place entry, “Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis,” written for Brendan Pieters’ ENC2210 class. This year’s award was funded by a generous donation from Dr. Lawrence W. Tyree, former Santa Fe (Community) College president.

We look forward to reading more submissions for the second Library Research Award. If any of your students write a great paper incorporating library research skills and resources, please encourage them to apply! The application deadline is Feb. 29, 2012. Information about the award, including an application, can be found on the library’s website.