Biking = Wellness

Biking = Wellness

Spring in Gainesville. What could be more beautiful? And how could the weather be more perfect? This is a great time to try biking to work … or riding an RTS bus (for free!) with your bike in the morning, and then biking home after work. Purposeful exercise! Click the image above for information about bus routes to campus. If you live in any of the neighborhoods along NW 39th Avenue, NW 43rd Street, NW 16th Avenue, Haile Plantati

on, etc., you live along an RTS campus bus route.

If you’re apprehensive about loading your bike onto the racks on the front of the buses, have no fear! Campus bike commuters have offered to mentor newbies by demonstrating how. Simply email to and we’ll connect you with a bike mentor.

Bike Transportation Discount Program

Here’s another benefit to biking! Gainesville recently joined Bicycle Benefits (BB). You purchase a BB sticker to wear on your bike helmet ($5), and when you show up to a participating business via pedal power, you get “bicycle benefits” — discounts — in addition to the good exercise, time outdoors, stress relief, etc., of biking. And in return, you take one car off the road, cut down on air pollution, and help our community and the earth.

Purchase the helmet sticker from any participating business. When you travel (if you take along your bike or rent a bike), your sticker “works” in any participating community.

Gainesville businesses participating

Bicycle Benefits FAQ