MASS Visual Arts New Exhibition

MASS Visual Arts New Exhibition

-Submitted by Dale Gunnoe

MASS Visual Arts, Gainesville’s new, artist-led visual arts organization, launches its first semi-annual art exhibition entitled,  “Below the Belt.” The theme of Below the Belt was selected to feature artists from below the Mason-Dixon Line. The artists were asked to interpret and explore the subjective nature of the theme. All submissions were competitively evaluated by a diverse jury.

MASS Visual Arts is a non-profit, fine arts organization based in Gainesville, FL, born in the autumn of 2011. Conceived by local artists who recognized a need for change in the presentation and appreciation of art, MASS seeks to inspire and cultivate a new paradigm for the arts in our community. Encouraging participation in, and appreciation of the arts, with a spirit of inclusion at the forefront, enables old barriers and constructs to be broken down and new connections to evolve.

Including artists who are untrained, newly-emerging, mid-career, and those who are more established, the intention of MASS exhibitions is to present various forms of art with a celebratory energy typically reserved for high-profile exhibitions.

The exhibition opens with a reception for the artists and general public on Saturday March 3rd, 2012 from 7pm to 11pm at the Top Secret Space (28 N. Main St, Gainesville, FL).

The exhibition will then be open to the public for viewing each following Saturday (March 10th, 17th, 24th) from 5pm to 10pm. Each following Sunday (March 11th, 18th, 25th) it will be open to the public from 12pm to 6pm. The exhibition closes with a reception coinciding with Downtown Artwalk on Friday March 30th from 7pm to 11pm.

List of participating artists:

Stacey Breheny, High Springs, FL, Blake Boyd, New Orleans, LA, Chris Coates, Gainesville, FL, Clayton Colvin, Birmingham, AL, Erin Curry, Gainesville, FL, Colin Curry, Gainesville, FL, Stephen Paul Day, New Orleans, LA, Frog, Gainesville, FL, Dale Gunnoe, Gainesville, FL, Ray Hale, Gainesville, FL, Lane Kelman, Micanopy, FL, Michael Kemp, Micanopy, FL,  Ameena Khan, Gainesville, FL, Andy Krone, Gainesville, FL, Susan Laney, Savannah, GA, Eddie Lanieri, New Orleans, LA, Danny Lyons, Gainesville, FL, Shawn Maschino, Gainesville, FL, Mario Marzan, Carborro, NC, Nico Mazza, Gainesville, FL, Lauren Molina, Gainesville, FL, Laura Nesmith, Gainesville, FL, Jasper North, Gainesville, FL, Todd Palmer, Gainesville, FL, Pan Handle Slim, Savannah, GA, Dave Peck, Fort White, FL, Hanna Price, Melrose, FL, Caroline Porras, Gainesville, FL, Alma Elaine Shoaf, Gainesville, FL, Dan Stepp, Gainesville, FL, Cindy Steiler, Gainesville, FL

Mass Visual Arts is a non-profit fine arts organization based in Gainesville, FL conceived by artists to produce and present exhibitions in Gainesville, FL. Our mission is to provide emerging, mid-career, and established contemporary fine artists with twice-yearly exhibitions presented to the burgeoning arts community in Gainesville, FL. Other forms of community involvement include art related events such as visiting artist lectures, presentations, workshops, and fund-raising events.

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