Campus Watch!

Campus Watch!

In addition to continuing to offer sworn law enforcement services, the college is enlisting the help of the campus-wide community in instituting a Campus Watch, similar to a neighborhood crime watch. This innovative public safety tool calls for the college community to be additional eyes and ears for its police force.

Campus Watch asks students, faculty and staff to look out for one another’s welfare, to be alert to anything that threatens the quality of campus life, and to report all suspicious activities, emergencies and other concerns to someone who can take action.  

Because employees in the Facilities Department are in and outside of buildings in the furtherance of their jobs, they have been asked to be the first to fulfill this responsibility. Santa Fe Police have conducted two training sessions with these staff members during the last month to inform them about ways they may be able to assist police.  The library staff is scheduled for training next week. 

The police department also recently started a partnership with student government and the student senate, where police officers attend meetings to discuss safety and security measures as part of an informal dialogue.  We welcome all students and employees to join in as active members of Campus Watch to help keep Santa Fe safe. If you have additional questions about Campus Watch, please call Police Chief Ed Book at 395-5519 or Marilyn Tubb at 395-7373.