Solar Energy & Efficiency Expo

Solar Energy & Efficiency Expo

The Alachua Clean Energy (ACE) taskforce very recently announced a fully interactive and hands-on Solar Energy & Efficiency Expo featuring the basics of solar electric, solar hot water, financing and solar readiness for home and business to be held in Gainesville. The Solar Energy & Efficiency Expo is recommended for home owners, building owners, building managers, real estate agents, builders, architects and anyone considering solar as an electric or water heating source. The Expo features a live, hands-on, demonstration of a state-of-the-art solar electric and hot water training system, presented by Santa Fe College, which simulates actual installed solar electric and hot water systems.

Presentations include “Financing & Return on Investment” concepts, offered by Don Davis, President, Capital City Bank of Gainesville and longtime green energy-efficiency financing specialist – “Energy Efficiency & Solar Readiness”, presented by energy efficiency and weatherization specialist Kevin Veach, Owner, Green Energy Options – “Solar Electric & Hot Water” simulation, presented by Santa Fe College – “Basics of Solar Energy”, presented by Stuart Block, Intern, Clean Energy Logistics Lab, and UF student – Plus, many other local solar and efficiency professionals and enthusiasts.

The Expo will be held at the University of Florida’s Beta Theta Pi fraternity house which recently underwent an energy efficiency remodel as well as having a 10 KW solar energy system installed. Stuart Block, a UF student majoring in Sustainability Studies, began implementing the solar installation in the fall of 2011 which will be complete at the time of the scheduled Solar Energy & Efficiency Expo and available for review to Expo attendees. As an Intern for Clean Energy Logistics Lab, Block continues to help others learn about going solar and is the Expo coordinator.

Attendees are asked to RSVP or register for this event, as space is limited. The Expo will be from 11 A.M.-1 P.M. Saturday, April 21 at the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity House on the UF campus. Details about the Solar Energy & Efficiency Expo, driving directions, parking and registration are available at

The Alachua Clean Energy taskforce was established by several Gainesville residents and energy professionals to explore renewable energy and efficiency financing options, report such findings to the Alachua County Board of Commissioners, and to educate the public about how to finance clean energy projects. The taskforce meets monthly.