The Big Open Lab (BOL) is transitioning into a full-time testing facility

Beginning in Summer A, the BOL will no longer be available for general computer use.  Students will still be able to utilize these services in a new location (room to be announced), as well as the existing Building S Computer Lab (S-167) and the library.

By becoming a test-only facility, the BOL is now able to better serve students and faculty who need a focused, monitored testing environment.  For time-certain exams, faculty may reserve the appropriate number of seats by scheduling a reservation on the BOL/Testing Center Web page.

For make-up exams and for testing over a time window (e.g., Mar 5-15), faculty may email the BOL/Testing Center or contact the lab manager, Ed Braddy, at or 395-5509.

Even though the “official” transition will not begin until Summer A, the BOL is ready to facilitate these testing services now!  Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you.