Introductory PC Class offered at the Blount Center this Spring

Introductory PC Class offered at the Blount Center this Spring

The Information Technology Education program will offer an introductory PC class at the Blount Center Spring 2012.

The class, CTS1131, Microcomputer Architecture 1, is an entry level, introductory class to the basic PC hardware and peripheral devices. The class is open to everyone and no experience is necessary.

The class will meet Tuesday at 5:30 in room DB-112 at the CIED next to the main Blount Center campus. The class would be very beneficial to anyone whose work revolves around a PC. This class will not transfer to UF.

CTS1131 – This course covers basic PC concepts and configuration tasks. Students will learn about the roles and qualifications of a PC technician as well as the communication skills and professionalism now required of all entry-level IT professionals. Concepts covered include the basics of computer components, peripheral devices, data storage, networking, printing, portable devices, security, system management and Windows installation. In addition students will be introduced to the objectives of CompTIA?s A+ Essentials certification exam. Coursework will include basic troubleshooting and computer maintenance .