AFC Membership Co-Chair Candidates’ Bios

AFC Membership Co-Chair Candidates’ Bios

AFC is holding officer elections this Tuesday, December 11. All candidates are running unopposed except for the Membership Co-chair position. Below are bios for the three (3) candidates running for the two (2) AFC Membership Co-Chair positions. Please vote while you are at the Holiday Social or in HR.

Lola Christian:
I enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to represent the Santa Fe College Chapter of the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) as Membership Chair/Co-Chair. Those that know me best would describe me as diligent, focused, friendly, always happy to help, dedicated and determined. I have been a devoted member of the SF College family working as a Support Specialist in Human Resources since 2004 and have been an active AFC participant since 2007. Currently, I act as the AFC Membership co-chair and as such conscientiously work hard to encourage membership within the SF Chapter. Within this capacity I have conducted a successful membership drive, increased our adjunct participation, generated membership propaganda, and created relationships both inside and outside the college in order to acquire materials that can be used to energize our membership.

I have extensive experience working within the governance of Santa Fe College, as well as a great rapport with the executive board of AFC in Tallahassee. I am experienced at engaging a diverse group of constituents, as I served as the elected Career Service Council Chair, as well as the elected Career Service Council Vice Chair for 2 consecutive terms. Additionally, in 2010 I sat on the State-wide Membership Development Board acting as an integral component of one of the best Membership Development Conferences entitled ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ If re-elected, I will maintain close contact with all members of AFC to encourage membership and active participation within the SF Chapter of the Association of Florida Colleges, and I will work to gain new members by enthusiastically welcoming new employees to the college and speaking with them about the importance of involvement in AFC.

Thanks in advance for the consideration.
Lola Christian


Carol Pugh:
I have been a Santa Fe employee for 24 years and have been a member of AFC for almost the entire time. I am the administrative assistant for the Construction and Technical Programs. I have always had a passion for AFC and now that I am an “empty nester” wish to become more involved with AFC and I would like to be involved with membership. I would work hard to continue to increase membership of employees both full- and part-time at the college.


Lynn Speer:
Greetings, Everyone!

My name is Lynn Speer and I am a proud member of the Santa Fe College Chapter of AFC. My employment with SF began in 2005 and I currently work in the Office of the Registrar dealing with many essential functions that successfully navigate students through the SF College experience. In past years, I was elected and graciously served as the SF Career Service Council Chair (2 consecutive years) and Vice-Chair (2 consecutive years). My exposure to shared governance has been one of an eye-opening experience. Through this opportunity I have established meaningful relationships with people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, countries and beliefs.

If elected as AFC Membership Co-Chair, I will do my best to ensure that members are abreast, enlightened and engaged in all matters that pertain to membership participation, retention, recruitment and development.

Thanks for your consideration and vote for Lynn Speer, AFC Membership Co-Chair!