Winter Symposium Showcases Talented SF Music Students

Winter Symposium Showcases Talented SF Music Students

– Submitted by Steve Bingham

Fifteen Santa Fe Fine Arts Department Music students (pictured below) participated in the annual Florida State College Activities Association Winter Symposium along with 328 students from 16 other State Colleges at the University of South Florida Last Thursday through Saturday.

The magnificent 150-plus member chorus included SF vocal students Cortney Powers, Elise Roberts, Kelli McGill, Paula Martinez, Lauren Tanner, Andrew Netardus, Matt Young, and Langston Dunbar. Cortney Powers and Elise Roberts also performed in the Concerto Competition, with Cortney singing well enough to be asked to perform in front of the whole choir and participate in the choir’s master class. Quite an honor, as there were 50 vocalists that entered into the vocal concerto competition and there were but two winners.

One of our Choral Student, Andrew Netardus was runner up for the baritone vocal “This Little Light of Mine” that was the Chorus’ last selection on the concert. Another Honor for Ms. Sandefur’s vocal students.

The 100-plus member concert band featured seven SF band students who had to audition to reserve a seat. The results of the seating auditions were as follows: Chris Brown-Alto Sax-First Chair out of 12 Alto Saxes, Anthony Surles-Alto Sax-Third Chair, Stephanie Stevens-Baritone Sax-First Chair out of 2 Baritone Saxes, Jarrod Clarizio-Trumpet-Fifth Chair- out of 16 Trumpets, Garret Ardizzone-Flute-Sixth Chair our of 16 Flutes, Ashley Small-Flute-Twelfth  Chair, and Spencer Young Fifth Chair out of 6 Euphoniums. Anthony Surles and Spencer Young both participated in the instrumental concerto competition.

Dr. Bingham and Professor Sandefur are so proud of our students and their individual and group accomplishments! Next year’s Winter Symposium will be held again at The University of South Florida.