Classroom Thefts – A Safe Santa Fe Message

Classroom Thefts – A Safe Santa Fe Message

Within the last two weeks there have been computer and electronic items taken from classrooms, specifically speakers, hard drives, memory cards, projectors and document readers. These items are likely being taken between mid- to late afternoon and 10 p.m. Cables have been cut to steal some of these items and some computers have had parts removed.

To help in preventing further thefts:

  • Check the condition of your classroom when you enter and ensure everything appears in order and secured if possible.
  • Close the door after you leave class.
  • If you believe the classroom will not be used again that day, call the Santa Fe College Police Department at 352-395-5519 to lock it up. You do not have to stay in the classroom while awaiting lock up.
  • Report anything or anyone suspicious immediately no matter how minor.

If you have any possible information related to these thefts, please contact the SF Police Department.

Keep Santa Fe safe.