SF Dental Assisting Students Sweep Awards at Table Clinics

Six Santa Fe College Dental Assisting students participated in the statewide Table Clinics, sponsored by the Florida Dental Assistants Association, at the Florida National Dental Convention on Friday, June 14 in Orlando. The students, instructed by Becky Craig, did very well in the competition. Heather Brooks and Katie Whiddon won first place with “Green Dentistry,” Steve Hazim and Aaron Stokes won second place with “You Light Up My Life” about dental x-rays and Ashley Gallegos and Kimberly Barrett won third place with “Can You Spot Your Spots” about imperfections that occur on the teeth. SF students participate every year but this is the first year the SF teams have swept the competition.

from left to right: Aaron Stokes, Steve Hazim, Kimberly Barrett, Becky Craig, Ashley Gallegos, Heather Brooks, Katie Whiddon