President’s Leadership Seminar Application Deadline Sept. 27

President’s Leadership Seminar Application Deadline Sept. 27

Santa Fe Plans the Next President’s Leadership Seminar
Application deadline is Sept. 27

Santa Fe College is hosting a President’s Leadership Seminar to introduce individuals in all classifications at our college to leadership as it is best practiced in our nation’s colleges.  The seminar will be led by Dr. Jeff Hockaday, former community college president and today a nationally respected author, presenter and consultant, in addition to other nationally and locally known leaders.

“Santa Fe’s success is based on our talented and innovative employees,” said President Jackson Sasser.  “Many of you have the potential to become college leaders.  This seminar will be inclusive and I encourage anyone interested in taking their service and leadership skills to the next level to apply.  This includes supervisors and non-supervisors, faculty who have served on committees and those who have not, and any motivated member of our faculty, career service, professional and administrative staffs.”

The content of the seminar will reflect the well-earned stature of Dr. Hockaday and Santa Fe College.  With our mission and goals as a philosophical backdrop, you will be introduced to a wide range of matters such as changing the course of the college, applying broad vision in practical terms, dealing with conflict and pressing legal concerns, positioning a local institution in a global economy, and, most of all, how to better serve students in an ever changing society.

The seminar is scheduled for October 30 through November 1, 2013.  The application deadline is September 27.  Approximately 25 SF employees will be selected.

To apply, complete the application, attach the required documents and submit to Bennye Alligood at the Blount Center, by 4:30 p.m., Friday, Sept. 27.