Open Campus End of Term Procedures

Open Campus End of Term Procedures

You need to follow the procedures below in order to keep students from being able to participate in past courses.

1.Set begin and end dates for your class and place a check in the Users can only participate in the course between these dates checkbox. This will “conclude” your course. However, students will still be able to access the course as “Read Only”.

a.Here is the guide for setting dates:

2.If you don’t want students to see the content of  your courses after the end date, you need to hide everything on the left navigation bar.

a.Here is the guide:

b.This is the video of the same procedure:

3.A feature request has been made to limit student access to concluded courses. If you would like to cast your vote in favor of this request, you can log into Canvas and go to the following link:

Click the “Me Too” to add your vote.

We have been in touch with Canvas regarding this issue and they are aware of the ‘way’ we want the classes to end. They are working on that and we will hopefully have a way to truly keep the students from accessing courses by the end of the year.