From the Mountains to the Sea: Southern Landscape Painting Paintings by: Jeff Ripple

The President’s Hall Gallery  is currently featuring  “From the Mountains to the Sea: Southern Landscape Painting” by Jeff Ripple.  These technically stunning paintings were all created in the tradition of en plien air or ” in the open air”.

“When painting in the field, I usually focus on quickly finding accurate color, values, forms and mood in the scene. I then refine those ideas as time permits. My oil paintings in the field and studio are inspired by intriguing compositions and above all else mood and atmosphere in the landscape,” said Ripple in regards to his outdoor painting process.

This unique exhibit will be on display in the President’s Hall until Wednesday, Oct. 30. The President’s Hall is located on the second floor of the Robertson Administration building, and is open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday – Friday.

For more information, please contact the Art Gallery office at 352-395-5464.
















Cumulonimbus Over The Marsh