Dr. Subroto Bagchi visits Santa Fe College

Dr. Subroto Bagchi visits Santa Fe College

Technology is touching every entity in the society from businesses to consumers. Enterprises are looking at technology to create operational efficiencies and engineer differentiated solutions for their customers. The dynamic consumer expectations and Technology and Mindtree is adding to the complexity of making the right technology decisions.

What is MindtreeĆ­s vision for the future? For their employees? What can a student today preparing for a career in IT look forward to in the future?

Join Mindtree Co-founder and Chairman Subroto Bagchi for an inspiration talk on what students can expect from a career in IT, or from a company such as Mindtree.

About the speaker:

started as the Chief Operating Officer at Mindtree, after its inception in 1999. Mindtree was soon hit by the global economic slowdown and the unfortunate events of 9/11. Many early-stage companies collapsed during this time. Bagchi moved to the US and helped the leadership team stay together through the difficult years. During this time, he articulated a new positioning for Mindtree as the best mid-sized company from India.
Bagchi serves on the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and a member of the Governing Council of the Software Technology Parks of India. He is a well-known writer, having penned a number of widely read books and columns for newspapers and magazines. He has been acclaimed as IndiaĆ­s No.1 bestselling business author in 2011.

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