Academic Advisement Changes Better Serve Students

Academic Advisement Changes Better Serve Students

In order to better serve students, there have been several changes made to the Academic Advisement Center at SF.

These changes include:

College Prep Advisement and AA Academic Advisement have merged into one Academic Advisement Center. Here are the advisors now located in R-201:

  • Exploratory Advisement Team: Advises students with an undecided program of study and/or one or more developmental education courses.
  • Coordinator: Jennifer Thomas
  • Advising Specialists: Kevin Bird, Anedria Gunn, Joan Moore, Takela Perry, Brandon Wilson
  • Associate of Arts Advisement Team: Advises students seeking an Associate of Arts (AA-transfer) degree .
  • Coordinator: Sharon Loschiavo
  • Advising Specialists: Allison Gatsche, Philana Marshall, Mary Thames, Paulette Wright

All students are now assigned an academic advisor according to their specific educational path. You can find your advisor, and his/her contact information, through e-SantaFe on the Degree Audit page. Please direct your questions and/or requests for appointments to your advisor.

For all AA and Developmental Education students (former Prep) we are now encouraging you to make an APPOINTMENT to see your advisor. This ensures that you see the appropriate advisor, at a time that is convenient for you and reserved just for you! You can make this appointment with your advisor directly or by calling 352-395-5503.

Spring registration starts soon. This is the perfect time to talk with your advisor. Make an appointment now to make sure you can get in before your registration time.

For more information, please contact Sharon Loschiavo at 352-395-5763 or