Help prevent Crimes of Opportunity

Help prevent Crimes of Opportunity

police logoThefts increase each Fall as we move into the holiday season. The Police Department has been investigating some recent thefts and most are crimes of opportunity. Let’s prevent this trend.

The most common thefts :

  • Cell phones – Do not leave anywhere for even a minute. If you have a smartphone, the 2 most important things you can do is password protect it & enable a GPS location app.
  • Cash – Especially left in drawers in offices and purses. Do not leave any amount of cash in an obvious place. In one case, a drawer was ripped out that contained $2 cash.
  • Electronic devices – Computers, laptops, and tablets such as I-pads. Always lock in secure places when left unattended. Have serial numbers recorded.

Crime remains low at SF and is decreasing. However, any crime is too much. Report ALL suspicious behavior and be aware and alert. Ensure we continue to have a Safe Santa Fe.

For more information, contact Ed Book, Chief of Police, at 352-395-5883 or call the Police Department at 352-395-5519.