Nominate a Career Service STAR today

Nominate a Career Service STAR today


Nomination Form

The council recognizes an employee to show our appreciation for the employee’s active service and achievements to motivate all employees to continue good performance, loyalty to Santa Fe College and dedication to Career Service Staff.

The Career Service STAR Recognition was initiated to recognize Career Service ‘Staff That Are Remarkable’ in ‘Service, Teamwork, Attitude, and Reliability.’

Any outstanding full-time Career Service employee who has been in their current position a minimum of at least one year may be eligible for “STAR” Recognition. During their tenure, the Career Service staff member would have made a valuable and much appreciated impact within the Career Service Council, their department, and/or Santa Fe College as a whole through interactions with students, faculty, and others or through contributions of innovative ideas, programs, policies, and/or systems.

Nominees need to have exceptional performance in the areas of Service, Teamwork, Attitude, and Reliability. This remarkable staff member would have consistently excelled in their position, made outstanding contributions to the college in the area of customer service, and is committed to the council and college community. This individual would be dependable and trustworthy, as well as a notable team-player, actively promoting collaboration throughout Career Service and across campus working to improve the college, department, and division all while steadily keeping a positive and forward-thinking attitude.

Any staff, faculty, or students at Santa Fe College may nominate a remarkable Career Service staff member for “STAR” Recognition. You may only recommend one Career Service employee at a time for “STAR” Recognition. Nominators need to use the “STAR” Recognition Nomination Form and attach it to a supporting letter. The supporting documentation should not exceed two pages and should explain how the employee meets the qualifications for “STAR” Recognition. Only one individual may nominate an employee. If more than one individual wishes to nominate the same employee, then they must submit a separate nomination form and supporting documents. A nominee may win once every two years.

The Process

  • At each Tribute, pending nominees, a STAR Career Service Staff member will be selected and honored.
  • Nominations are accepted throughout the year up to one month before the preceding term’s Tribute.
  • Nominations will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Executive Council as well as the previous term’s winner, a SF College Student, and a member of Senate. If a STAR Committee member is nominated for recognition, an active member of the CSC will be chosen at random as a replacement.
For more information, please contact Carol Pugh, O-127, ext. 5365.